Why Alexandrite laser is best option for hair removal?

Recent years have seen big technological advances in personal care, including hair removal. Only a decade ago, beauty centres could only offer waxing, electric and wire as hair removal methods. The development of laser has been a real revolution for its many advantages, and Alexandrite in particular, test by LaserTell,is the best option.


What is Alexandrite laser?

Laser hair removal is a method of removing hair using laser light that penetrates through the melanin in the hair and suppresses the cells responsible for hair growth. Alexandrite is a laser with a wavelength of 755nm, and thanks to its range and adaptability, is widely considered the most effective and safe for hair removal.

Before opting for this treatment, it is very important to have a professional team of specialists perform a technical evaluation. Dermoestética Ochoa has a great team of doctors and state of the art facilities, which come together to offer the best treatment tailored to every individual´s needs.

Advantages of Alexandrite laser

The Alexandrite laser is more effective on light skin with dark hair. Its advantages over other hair removal methods are:

  • It clears the hair permanently.
  • It is safe and effective, with best results in the armpits, groin and legs.
  • Its wider wavelength covers more skin, thus working faster than other lasers.
  • Its cooling system allows the treated area to be cooled immediately after each exposure, thus reducing discomfort and pain.

What is the best time of year to start treatment?

As previously mentioned, the Alexandrite laser is more effective the lighter the skin and the darker the hair. For this reason, autumn and winter are the best times to receive this treatment.

As a general rule, one should wait one month from the last exposure to sun or UVA rays. In certain cases where the skin is still tanned, it is best to wait a few days for greater safety and effectiveness.

What precautions should one take?

The fact that the Alexandrite laser is the safest hair removal option does not exempt us from taking certain precautions prior to treatment. Heeding specialist advice will prevent undesired side effects. The guidelines are few and simple:

  • Avoid sun exposure immediately after receiving a laser session.
  • Inform the specialists about any medication that is being taken.
  • On the day of laser treatment, do not apply lotion or cream to the skin area that will be treated.

Post time: Nov-05-2022