2024 DepiMEDiX-Touch Laser epilator 1600W Latest 4 wavelength 755+808+940+1064nm

Short Description:

How does the diode laser work?
The technology of laser hair removal is based on selective photothermolysis. The laser light reaches the hair follicles. The light
is absorbed and transformed into heat. As a result, the cells responsible for hair growth are damaged and hair stops growing. The
diode laser has been shown to be the most effective in hair removal.
• 755 nm is a wavelength used to remove light, thin and shallowly embedded hair
• 808 nm is a wavelength used to remove dark, thick and deeply embedded hair
• 940 nm is a wavelength used to remove dark and light, shallowly embedded hair
• 1064 nm is a wavelength used to remove shallowly embedded, dark hair removal

Product Detail

What is 4 wavelength diode laser hair removal?

4 wavelength 808/755/1064/940nm diode laser emits light with energy to permanently damage or destroy hair follicles. It is usually
on the legs, back, underarms, or face to prevent hair from growing back.

Hair Removal for all skin color.









3 tips

16*36mm2 for big area treatment,16*24mm2 for small area treatment,φ8 tip for nose and area hair removal treatment.






High power,high quality bars.

1300w 13bars 4 wavelength 755+808+1064+940nm diode laser.

USA coherent bars,20million shots.
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